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“Sites to download movies” introduces you three great movie download Websites where you can download movies of your choice.

Unlike free movie websites, you don’t need to worry about the quality the movie, if you download through one of these three websites. If you have already wasted too much time on reading stuff (user feedbacks, comments etc.) when download movies from free sites or from torrents, do not waste time on it anymore. The quality of movies of these three websites can be 100% guaranteed. On the other hand, some of the free sites can even harm your computer due to malware attacks.

Three WebSites to Download Movies Free

WebSites to Download Movies Free

Site 1: Movies Capital However, if you think of spending a few dollars, you can definitely have a high-quality movie apart from having above issues. Another good advantage is that you have the latest and almost all the released movies up to date. Just visit one of these websites, moviescapital, fullmovies or imoviesclub, see the difference and enjoy movies. All movies come with high-quality images, and of course, you can download them for Apple products (iPod/iPhone) /Android systems/notebooks etc. You will never be frustrated or confused about searching movies or reading user feedback either, and there’s no any harm whatsoever to your computer.

Whatever the type of movie you are interested in; action, comedy, adventure, thriller, horror, family, drama, now you have three brilliant choices to download and watch the latest movies up to date and to satisfy your movie requirement. These three websites provide you high quality(DVD, HD) and latest films for you to download and watch them in a few easy steps. The friendly customer service and support is another great opportunity you will get throughout these three nice and cool websites.

So, stop wasting time on searching for high-quality movies on the Internet anymore. Click here to read more information of the features of these three websites and choose the best website for your downloads…

All three websites allow you to download unlimited films legally to your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Notebook or even to your mobile phone. Common features of these three sites include;

  • All three sites provide a 100% legal downloads
  • You will find the latest movies in the industry
  • A very good collection of high-quality movies
  • A number of variations of movies (Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Action, Family, Love story etc.)
  • Easy sign up and fast download
  • No hassle, good customer support
  • Money back guarantee

Sites to Download Movies” gathers all these three smashing movie download websites into one place and now you have the opportunity to choose one site and purchase high-quality movies for your preference.

Please read below to get a brief introduction of the features of each movie download site;

Movies Capital: Special offers, Different Packages, Quick setup


  • Any download is a 100% legal Download. These are NOT P2P(Torrent, kazaa, limewire etc.) software
  • There’s no limit to download. Unlimited downloads of movies
  • No extra fee. Just one-time fee only at the sign up
  • Once you have signed up, you will get the full Access to the Entire Database
  • Fast & Easy steps of Downloads and no bandwidth restriction at all
  • Movies capital has special offers regularly, with different awesome packages
  • Quick sign up/setup without any hassle

Full Movies:

Over 2750 movies, All in one membership package


  • Any download is a 100% legal Download. These are NOT P2P(Torrent, kazaa, limewire etc.) software
  • There’s no limit to download. Unlimited downloads of movies available
  • unlimited access for a one time fee – You do not need to pay again and again…
  • Full Movies provides you all-in-one membership, which means you will receive full access to the movie database where you can choose hundreds of good quality movies
  • User-friendly hassle free quick stream of movie download
  • No additional hardware or software required to watch. You can use any of your web browsers.
  • Full Movies database consists of over 2750 movies, All in one membership package

iMovies Club:

Stream Movies available, One-time low-cost membership, movies for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC


  • Unlimited download with no per title fees or recurring billing
  • Step by step user-friendly and hassle-free downloads of movies
  • The website is available for 24/7 with no geographical/time/content restrictions for your movie download requirement
  • imoves Club provides the capability to download and burn to DVD and create your own collection of movies
  • One time low-cost membership fee. No additional costs ever!
  • Download the movies and watch and enjoy on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, MP4 Player, PC/MAC and tablet
  • Stream Movies available with imovies Club, One-time low-cost membership, there are movies available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC

All three websites allow you to download unlimited films legally to your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Notebook or even to your mobile phone.

Sites to Download Movies gathers all these three smashing film download websites into one place and you take the opportunity to purchase high-quality movies for your preference.


Online movie streaming has fast become the most common form of media entertainment on the Web. Today, people who prefer to sit back and relax at home turn to the World Wide Web for movies. Digital media companies are aware of this, so as more individuals get used to watching movies on their computers, more websites are popping up to offer free and paid online movie streaming services to interested film fans. As a result, a lot of households are now dropping their cable TV subscription and instead use the Internet for their viewing pleasure.


Online Movie Streaming – System, the Internet, and Bandwidth Requirements

But, online movie streaming requires that you meet the minimum system, bandwidth, and Internet requirements so you can have the uninterrupted viewing. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with all sorts of glitches while you’re watching. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to prevent buffering while streaming movies on the Web.

* System requirements for Movie Streaming

The majority of online movie streaming services will require that you meet the following system requirements in order to stream movies on your PC:

1.) MS Windows XP SP2 or later

2.) Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 or later

3.) The browser must be MS Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox 2.0 or later, Safari 3.0 or later, or Opera 11 or later.

4.) Enabled JavaScript/Cookies on browser

Some video streaming services may ask for additional requirements but in general, these are the things that you need to stream movies on your computer.

* Internet requirements for movie streaming

Internet requirements for movie streaming

Unlike a dial-up connection, DSL and Cable Internet both support high-speed connectivity which makes online movie streaming possible. In some areas where these two are not available, a satellite Internet connection can be used. However, satellite Internet connection can be quite expensive, costing around $50 to $120 a month. Depending on the ISP (Internet service provider), it can offer speeds of up to 5 Mbps. Its connection usually involves a coaxial cable connected to an antenna as well as an indoor receiver connected to your computer.

* Bandwidth Requirements for movie streaming

Bandwidth Requirements for movie streaming

In computer network technology, bandwidth generally refers to ‘data transfer rate’ or the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in one second. Bandwidth is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps). A modem, for example, that works at 57,600 bps has twice the bandwidth of a modem that works at 28,800 bps. In general, a web link with a high bandwidth is one that may be able to carry enough information to sustain the succession of images in a movie presentation.

To instantly stream movies to your computer, it is recommended that you have at least 1.5 Mbps bandwidth available. A network with a bandwidth of 3.0 Mbps or higher will provide the best video and audio quality during playback for standard-definition (SD) movies. For high-definition (HD) movies, however, 5.0 Mbps or higher will provide the best experience. In general, the higher the bandwidth, the better is the quality of online movie streaming.

In cases where you have multiple devices connected to the network via a router (say you have one desktop, two laptops, and one iPad using the same connection), the total bandwidth is split evenly and shared between the devices. If you are about to stream a movie on your laptop, then you may want to stop other online activities (such as online gaming, music streaming, and file downloads) on other devices to increase the bandwidth on the laptop you’re using for online movie streaming.

In a Nutshell:

As the availability of global broadband connectivity continues to expand, online movie streaming has taken off in a huge way and has become an almost automatic component of the digital online content experience. While it’s easy to explore the Web for video streaming service providers, one must first meet all the minimum system, the Internet, and bandwidth requirements before one can fully enjoy streaming movies online.


Using peer-to-peer networks can be risky, and unfortunately, they do often leave your computer open to viruses and adware. This is because nobody monitors p2p networks and any file that is uploaded could potentially be harmful to your computer.

How to Use P2P (peer-to-peer) Networks Safely

So just how can you use p2p networks safely?

How to Use P2P (peer-to-peer) Networks Safely

Protecting your Computer

The main way in which you can protect your computer while you are using p2p networks is to install a virus checker and spyware software. That way if you download a file that is corrupt, the spyware and virus checker will pick it up and prevent you from opening it.

Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the problem of spending time downloading something that turns out to be rubbish!

The only way you can truly stay safe using p2p networks is by using a paying one.

You will find many free p2p file sharing networks online but these are actually illegal. Unless you are downloading independent music that has been placed on the network by the artists themselves, it should not be free.

Mainstream music and movies are meant to be purchased, and so you can only legally download them by paying for them. You can find various paid download sites online and they will usually only contain proper files as people will not pay to send corrupt files to other members. They will only do it if it costs them nothing.

One way to see if the p2p software is trustworthy or not is to check the site you are getting it from. Do they have a built-in spyware/adware scanner that scans the files before they are added to the site? If so, then the chances are the software will be safe to use.

If you are a parent worried about your children using p2p networks then you can ensure that the chat feature is switched off.

You should also check that no personal information is being shared with the rest of the world.

The folder that is used by the p2p network is visible to everyone. So if there is a file in that folder that contains personal information it will be on view.

Make sure that you and your children have nothing personal being shared if you want to stay safe!

As well as viruses, something else that you will be subjected to is pornography. You will not only be bombarded with files containing ordinary pornography, but you will also find that you could be downloading child pornography.

Many pedophiles use p2p networks to share their child porn and to potentially contact children. They use file names such as “Barbie” or “Disney” to ensure that the reach the right audience and to cover up what they are doing.

Overall, there are many potential dangers that come with p2p networks. To stay safe you need to choose a good respectable piece of software, you need a virus checker and a spyware/adware remover.

If you follow this advice, then you will keep yourself and your computer protected